Pause &Mute

In a world full of people

You choose your own pace

Pause and Mute

external; so much noise

internal; so much noise

withdraw the mind

withdraw the senses

the would be; should be; ought to be’s

Pause & Mute

from one person to another

one place to another

one thing to another

what is it that you seek

Pause & Mute

Are you searching or just wandering

Pause & Mute

Wandering is endless

Search has an object

a goal

what is it that you seek o wanderer

Pause & Mute

paths are infinte

but where can they lead if you have no goal

where can you reach if you have no destination

what can be attained

O wanderer pause n mute

before you choose a path

pause n mute

what is it that you seek

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