Subtle Gross Connection



The body is gross

mind subtle

and yet they both mirror into each other

the body and mind are so deeply connected


State of mind

can be an indicator of the state of body (health)

and vice versa

state of body speaks volumes about state of mind


to say it in maths

its directly proportional

with a multiplier effect


one can bring changes in the body by changing the way one


hold impressions

acts and reacts


& vice versa

if one cant control the mind

then start with the body

most of us have lost touch with our bodies

if asked to outline or feel

our own body, feet, hands etc

a lot of us can not do that

we cant feel certain parts of the bodies

or even sense where they exactly are

we have taken the system we live in

so much for granted

that our mind has almost forgotten



How do you contain yourself in this body ?(so most of the time your body relaxed, stiff, held, let loose etc ?)


Every thought

the smallest of thought

produces a certain change/movement/reaction from and in  the physical body

so anger

may stiffen certain muscles and tissues

a happy thought may loosen them up, your body relaxes

feeling unsafe

may freeze your body


the body is continuously shifting

in reaction to the thoughts

and that is how muscles, tissues, bones

gradually start becoming distorted from their natural state

Because they are held in a contracted stiffened way for too long


Someone who is always angry

will be always holding his tissues and muscles

they are like stiff all the time

till the day that becomes the new state of being for the body


All kinds of diseases MANIFEST

when the body starts living in a distorted

held up

caught up


stiff form


Most of the health issues

are a result

of holding some heavy thought/emotion for too long

which brings the body

or probably a part of the body

in which you hold that emotion

to loose its health

in simple terms

in whichever area you hold  a heavy thought

prolong holding

will start making that area stiff, heavy , contracted, held, tight

movement of life

or free flow

or the natural relaxed state for that part is compromised

and gradually some physical pain or problem manifest


Something in the physical body starts

solidifying and freezing                                     

in response to a frozen emotion/thought in the head





One may always not be able to

work on the thoughts

or know how to release those thoughts

to control the mind

so in that case one can start working on the body


remember clearing the mind

will free the body

and clearing the body

will free the mind


How to work through the body ?

Watch out my next post 🙂






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