The origin

You are the center of everything that you see in this life

Suppose you are person x

From your birth to death is your life story

the center of the story is you

the day you die

your story ends


for as long as you live

the life story that you have

is your creation

in terms of perception; not what happened

but what you thought happened

becomes your story

and this the biggest culprit

the perception

we think its all outside of us

happening to us


but if we go deeper than just your perception of the outside happening

then where is this story playing

is it playing/happening around you?


its happening in you

on you

through you

coz of you

You are the one dreaming it within you

nothing is happening outside

that outside is a perceptional illusion


all your impressions

cravings and aversions

are taking forms

and playing in front of you

what you see outside

is a reflection of your mind

life is the mirror

and your mind is the object being reflected


you are the projector, the instrument of projection

you are the projection; your impressions are being projected/taking a form

you are the perceiver

you the perceived

life is only the mirror/ movie screen

and when you see the projection outside

you forget that and start blaming the outside

you forget its you only

that you are seeing


there is no outside

it is all inside


when you stand in front of a mirror

and see your reflection

you know its you

if you do not like what you see

you resolve to change yourself

not the mirror


its the same with life

life is a mirror that is continuously reflecting YOU

the only way to change what you see

is to change the source of that reflection

which is – YOU

life is reflecting YOU


that is the biggest mistake we make in life

we separate life as outside to us

happening to us

and make our self the victim

and we GO on blaming life

so you can go on blaming the mirror until eternity


until you pause

and see

that its your own reflection

you need to change


Change what in you ?

your face, your clothes, your appearance


the mirror of life is not reflecting your body

it is reflecting your mind

its reflecting your inside story

which you think no one knows

coz its all in your head

that is another illusion

what you think is all hidden suppressed brewing inside of you

is all shaping up outside of you; all the time

making your life what it is

not for a moment can you evade this mirror


to clean the mirror (your life)

you have to clean yourself from within

drop all garbage from within

its actually all an inside game

what seems to be all outside

is all inside


with any situation/event/person in life

never never never

go on blaming and preaching and cribbing for them to change

that person or event is there for a reason

you have created them in your life

you leave them

new similar ones will come again

that is how it is

faces do not matter

this is far deeper than what you can see or comprehend

but that is how it is

you will keep bumping into similar people and situations again and again and again


until you stop blaming and seeking outside

until you turn inward

until you take ownership that its your reflection

reflection of what you are holding within you

until you change that; that which is within you

until YOU change











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