what is visible as something


gases, liquids, solids

or not visible to us but validated by science

the cells that make up all these things

god particle

pure vibration

we and everything that surrounds us is visible or invisible form of vibrations

what you see or do not see

what you hear and what you do not hear

what you feel or do not feel

beyond all knowing and being

are these subtle vibrations

life currents

the intelligence that sustains all

that is all


every thought

thus every emotion has a certain vibration

and yes we all may not seem to know it

but we have experienced it

we sense it

in us

and in others

even from a distance

anger, hatred fear, jealousy, peace, love, affection

and these vibrations irrespective of actually is angry or sad or happy

get transferred to those around as well


a happy person gives you some bit of it





a peaceful place settles you down

and these images could be so inappropriate

not just people

but different images

different places

different colors

and to be more precise different permutation and combination of all these

shapes forms and colors

can trigger starkly different vibrations in each


you have a vibration

and so does everything else in this universe

every shape

every form

every Mood

Every color

triggering a different vibration in everything around it


everything is shrinking(aversion) and expanding (liking)

as a reaction to the vibration being triggered in it

so some people find you affectionate

and some just loath you

but you are the same person

some like white

and some hate it

but it is the same white

some find the same place peacful

and some haunting

The overall vibration of the world

is the summation of all these individual vibrations

so if you think the world needs to get better

start with yourself

get better

that is the only way


in a universe made of vibrations

the only way to create a change

is to change your vibration

the source of change is you

only you





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